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September 21
Buying Event Tickets?

​If you’re buying tickets from an online ticket reseller for events you should watch this video produced by Consumer Protection WA:

September 18
Scam Warning - Ransomware

Ransomware is malicious software (malware) that makes your computer unusable unless you pay a fee.  Stay Smart Online is warning that there is a new email ransomware scam campaign underway using two different methods.
1) The first method is sending a fake email from eBay with a common subject line “Your invoice for eBay purchase (098871971234567#)”.  By clicking on the “PAY NOW” link it will trigger the ransomware to download onto your computer.  Each email holds a different invoice number and is almost identical to a genuine eBay email.
2) The second method is an email with the subject “Voice Message from 017234512978 – name unavailable”.  By clicking on the “Click to listen Voice Message” link it will trigger the ransomware to download onto your computer.
If you receive these emails DELETE THEM IMMEDIATELY.
If you have already been infected, NEVER PAY THE RANSOM.  Restore your files from your recovery system or take it to a professional. If you have already provided credit card or account details contact your financial institution immediately.
September 01
Ban on excessive surcharges when using EFTPOS

​From 1 September 2017 all business are banned from overcharging customers for using an EFTPOS (debit and prepaid), MasterCard (credit, debit and prepaid), Visa (credit, debit and prepaid) and American Express cards issued by Australian banks. 


Businesses can now only surcharge what it actually costs them to process card payments, including bank fees and terminal costs.  This means they can only pass on external costs charged to them by their financial provider and can not include any internal costs. Guides for both consumers and business can be found here: 


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) will be enforcing this to ensure businesses are complying with the law. If you know anyone who has a business share this information with them to ensure they keep up to date with the changes.

August 29
ACCC takes Viagogo to court
The ACCC has instituted proceedings against ticket reseller Viagogo.
It is alleged that they failed to disclose significant fees in the upfront ticket pricing, including a 27.6% booking and handling fee, between
1 May 2017 – 26 June 2017.   It is also alleged that they misled consumers by making representations that tickets were likely to run out soon without disclosing that this was on their website only. 
NT Consumer Affairs Commissioner, Gary Clements, urges everyone to take care when booking online or purchasing tickets from resellers; make sure you read the fine print and ensure that you know what you are paying for.

August 11
With the weather warming up - don't lose your cool!

If you are having a problem with goods or services you have purchased, the first thing to remember is to stay calm. It can be stressful and inconvenient when things are not working out how you want. We have all experienced this at times. By remaining calm you may avoid further delays in getting a resolution if you treat the people or the business you are dealing with in a respectful manner.
Communicating the issues you are having is the first step in seeking help. We all have family and friends who work in businesses in the NT, and it is a good reminder to treat people how you would like to be treated. If you are feeling upset, maybe put something in writing (a letter or email), and stick to the facts.
If you don’t understand your rights call NT Consumer Affairs for help on 1800 019 319.
July 27
The gift that stops giving

Gift cards are a common gift but can leave you empty handed if not used before the expiry date.

Gift cards from larger companies generally expire after 12 months but it pays to check if you are buying from a small business as they often have shorter timeframes on their gift cards such as 3 or 6 months.
Before you are tempted to use the convenient option of giving gift cards make sure you understand the Terms and Conditions.
You can call Consumer Affairs on 1800 019 319 if you need more information.
July 20
Receipts - What are they good for?

​If you have a problem with the goods that you have purchased a retailer has the right to request a proof of purchase. 

Did you know if your receipt has faded beyond recognition or you have lost your receipt there are other types of proof of purchase that can be used such as a credit card or debit card statement, lay-by agreement or confirmation of a receipt number? A retailer is not required to provide a receipt for goods under $75 but most do, you can request a receipt if this is the case.  A great way to store receipts is in the ShopNT app, it is available for apple and android devices.

As always contact NT Consumer Affairs for good advice 1800 019 319.

July 18
Uh! Oh! I bought a lemon

​Most people do not realise that when buying a used car from a private seller there are no protections under the Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Act or the Australian Consumer Law.  Before you hand over any cash make sure you do your homework on the car. 

Useful tips are to have a professional inspection and check the PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) to make sure it is not stolen and that there is no money owing to banks or finance companies.  

Call the PPSR on 1300 0007 777 or do your own search on

July 14
The Low down on Extended Warranties

All goods that you purchase from a business come with some form of warranty or guarantee, however with your purchase the retailer may try to sell you an extended warranty.  Before you fork out the extra cash on an extended warranty, remember you already have rights under consumer guarantees if something goes wrong.  Don’t be pressured into purchasing the extended warranty and take the time to read the terms and conditions to see what you are really getting for your money. Ask yourself if the extended warranty will really give you any extra protection.  Always check out your manufacturer’s warranty and consumer guarantees in the first instance.

July 11
Do you want fries with that?

When buying goods these days, the sales people will often try and sell you extras on top of the product you actually want. All those extras eventually add up to big dollars.  A good example is when buying a new car, where some extras you may come across are paint protection, fabric protection and rust proofing.  Other extras could be a tow ball or window tinting.  Before you sign up for the ALL of the extras, ask yourself is it necessary, what is it going to cost me and can I really afford it?  Don’t get pressured into purchasing items in a rush – take your time and make the right decision.
For good advice call 1800 019 319 for more information.
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