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Scam Warning - Ransomware
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September 18
Scam Warning - Ransomware

Ransomware is malicious software (malware) that makes your computer unusable unless you pay a fee.  Stay Smart Online is warning that there is a new email ransomware scam campaign underway using two different methods.
1) The first method is sending a fake email from eBay with a common subject line “Your invoice for eBay purchase (098871971234567#)”.  By clicking on the “PAY NOW” link it will trigger the ransomware to download onto your computer.  Each email holds a different invoice number and is almost identical to a genuine eBay email.
2) The second method is an email with the subject “Voice Message from 017234512978 – name unavailable”.  By clicking on the “Click to listen Voice Message” link it will trigger the ransomware to download onto your computer.
If you receive these emails DELETE THEM IMMEDIATELY.
If you have already been infected, NEVER PAY THE RANSOM.  Restore your files from your recovery system or take it to a professional. If you have already provided credit card or account details contact your financial institution immediately.