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December 02
New ‘Line’ of Work for Travelling Conmen

Consumer Affairs Gary Clements is warning consumers not to deal with travelling conmen who are working through the Northern Territory offering cheap on-the-spot line-marking for car parks.

More Information here

November 27
Consumers Urged To Be Wary of Extended Warranties

Retailers across Australia have had their extended warranty practices examined by consumer protection agencies, including Northern Territory Consumer Affairs.

More Information here

November 13
Public warning issued about Nick Ray Electrics Pty Ltd

The Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, Gary Clements, has issued a public warning to consumers not to deal with Nick Ray Electrics Pty Ltd (NRE).

For more information read here

August 06
Know Your Rights Expo - Alice Springs 14 August 2013

Open invitation to attend the Know Your Rights Expo on 14 August 2013 from 11am to 2pm at the Alice Springs Town Council, Civic Centre Lawns. 

There will be representatives from a number of groups that include Northern Territory Consumer Affairs, Anglicare and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.​

July 04
Travelling Conmen here for the Dry..... and your Money

The Deputy Commissioner of Consumer Affairs is warning consumers not to deal with Irish travelling conmen touting for bitumen or other home building and maintenance work. more

June 17
Fraud Week 2013 – Outsmart the Scammers 17-21 June 2013

Unsuspecting Australians are continuing to be ripped off by unscrupulous scammers.  Fraud Week 2013 brings a focus on scams, how to identify them and will provide other information on what to look out for.  We will be putting up hints and tips on our Facebook page during the week.  For more information to go to SCAMwatch. ​

March 28
Don't be Fooled by Travelling Conmen this Dry Season

As the Dry Season fast approaches, Territory residents are again being warned to be on their guard against travelling con men. More

February 26
Tenancy – water charges

Landlords are allowed to pass on the full cost of water consumption provided:
•    the rental premises are individually metered, and
•    the tenancy agreement states the tenant must pay for water consumption.

However, a landlord cannot ask a tenant to pay for charges, levies, rates or taxes that enable the supply of electricity or water to the premises.​

January 22
Residential Tenancy Inquiry Day Change

Residential tenancy Inquiries will no longer be heard on Fridays. Inquiries will now be heard on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the first Thursday inquiry to be conducted on 7 February 2013. 

If you have any questions regarding this change please call 1800 019319 or email us at

January 17
Group Buying Complaints Drop as Regulators Act

Group buying complaints have almost halved since Australia’s consumer regulators started a national project to tackle issues in the emerging sector.


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