BEFORE YOU LODGE A CONSUMER CONCILIATION REQUEST (Complaint Form) you should try to resolve the problem by talking directly with the trader.  Explain the problem and offer solutions that will satisfy you. If you are not successful, put the problem and your solutions in writing to the trader (addressed to the manager) and ask for a written response within a reasonable time limit.  Keep a copy of all correspondence. If you are not happy with the response, or there is no response at all, then you can submit an official complaint.

NT Consumer Affairs can only provide conciliation services if you have made every effort to resolve the problem with the trader, and the trader has refused to provide redress.

When you contact the trader, make sure you advise them what the problem is, and what you require them to do.  Remember, always keep calm, as you are more likely to resolve matters if you do not lose your temper.

To lodge a Consumer Conciliation Request to resolve a dispute with a trader, you can either submit the following form by mail, email or in person to NT Consumer Affairs:

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 or use the online form located here


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