The Consumer Affairs multimedia 'Aboriginal Consumer Justice Campaign' aims to educate Aboriginal consumers about their consumer rights and responsibilities.

It’s Ok to Walk Away

 A new campaign that aims to empower Aboriginal people to walk away from door knocking traders, hang up the phone on nuisance callers and generally say “no” to pushy salespeople has been developed by the National Indigenous Consumer Strategy.
The “It’s Ok to Walk Away” campaign was launched in the Northern Territory by Minister Natasha Fyles on 8 December 2016.  The campaign has been developed to help protect Aboriginal consumers from unscrupulous traders who are cold calling people at home and approaching people in public areas like car parks and shopping centres. 
NT Consumer Affairs in conjunction with the Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation have joined forces to help protect Aboriginal Territorians by developing a series of short videos in English and Yolngu Matha as part of this campaign. The video “Do Not Knock” was developed especially for this campaign with the English version available here and the Yolngu Matha version available here.
To help keep nuisance salespeople from your door, NT Consumer Affairs is encouraging people to put a “Do Not Knock” sticker on their front and back doors. If someone knocks on your door and you have your “Do Not Knock” sticker up and the salesperson does not leave when you tell them to, they are breaking the law.
A postcard with information reminding people not to sign anything they don’t understand and to be careful of not falling for free gifts is available.  A poster to make people aware of this campaign is also available. 
A copy of the sticker/sign, postcard and poster can be downloaded from here:
More educational Aboriginal consumer videos can be found on our YouTube channel – NT Consumer Affairs


Avoiding Funeral Rip Offs Fact Sheet

The “Avoid a funeral rip-off” Factsheet and Video aims to inform Aboriginal consumers about the different funeral products that are available.
Funeral insurance is not savings. If you stop making payments you will lose your cover. And be aware you might end up paying a lot more than the actual cover you will get.
Pre-paid funerals let you pay for a funeral in advance through your funeral director. You can choose the type of funeral you want, and pay for the cost of the funeral at today’s prices.
Funeral bonds are invested and will grow in value. The money can only be used for your funeral and normally can't be accessed earlier.
If someone comes to your door selling funeral cover you don’t need to sign up straight away. Ask for a copy of the brochure and tell them you'll think about it. Never feel pressured to buy anything. If you are interested in funeral cover then find out which option is best for you.
For more information download our factsheet here.
You can also watch a short video here.

Training Provider Information

Are you considering taking a course?  Are you a training provider who wants to make sure your courses are compliant with the Australian Consumer Law? Consumer Affairs is warning residents of the Northern Territory, particularly those in remote and regional communities, about training providers offering ‘free’ laptops to people who sign up for courses.

There are reports regarding people offering training courses, such as diplomas, with the promise of a free laptop.  They may sound like they are associated with Government supported or provided training.   Consumers could be unknowingly signing up for a Commonwealth Government ‘Vocational Education and Training (VET) FEE-HELP’ loan for potentially thousands of dollars.  This is a debt that has to be repaid once their income reaches a certain level and can affect their credit rating.   Some people have been left with these large debts and incomplete training courses due to being sold inappropriate training courses. 

Since April, VET FEE-HELP training providers have been banned from offering enrolment inducements to students like free laptops.  So anyone promising a free laptop is breaking Federal Government rules around the loan-scheme. 
Check out our factsheet on Training Providers  pdf  | word

Be Smart-Buy Smart

Australian consumer protection agencies have developed an illustrated publication to assist Aboriginal Australians to be confident consumers.
The new Be Smart- Buy Smart booklet:
  • provides helpful tips and information for Indigenous consumers about their shopping rights and responsibilities under Australian Consumer Law.
  • offers advice and assistance to help prevent unfair treatment when shopping. 
  • provides information through simple messages and illustrations, complimenting other services offered individually by Northern Territory Consumer Affairs and other consumer protection agencies.  
  • covers topics such as shopping rights, credit and book up, refunds, guarantees and warranties, lay-by, contracts, scams, resolving issues and lodging a complaint.
The project is a joint consumer awareness initiative by all State and Territory consumer protection agencies in Australia, with support from the National Indigenous Consumer Strategy (NICS) Reference Group.
Download the The Be Smart - Buy Smart booklet (pdf) 


  • Easy English Fact Sheets (for use by training providers and educators who work with Aboriginal Territorians who have English as their 2nd or 3rd language)


National Indigenous Consumer Strategy Action Plan

All States and Territory Ministers have accepted responsibility for the development and implementation of the Strategy, and are committed to regularly reviewing achievements against the action plan.

The National Indigenous Consumer Strategy (NICS) website

The Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network (ICAN) website

The Money Smart website - Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)


Educational Short Films

Watch these short films to see how direct debits and scams can cause a whole range of financial problems and what you can do to avoid the traps:
Direct debits - Click here
Scams - Click here

Avoid a Funeral Rip Off - Click here