Creating and managing a successful business can be complex.

Today’s business environment presents many challenges; one of the most important is developing and maintaining a good business relationship with customers. Useful advice on this is available in the factsheet,  Handling Customer Complaints  - pdf  |  word

Business owners also need to be aware of Fair Trading Laws and the ways that other unscrupulous individuals and businesses can have a negative effect on the business.

The Australian Consumer Law makes provision, among other things, to prohibit unfair practices and promote fair dealing in consumer transactions.

Consumer Affairs will often make reference to the Act in its discussions with businesses in relation to complaints from consumers.

  • Australian Consumer Law (ACL)
  • The Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Act.

    A summary of consumer rights in transactions with businesses (often called ‘traders’ in this context) is provided in the following fact sheets

    • Advertising and Displaying Prices - pdf | word 
    • Advertising and Promotions - pdf | word
    • Bag Searches  - pdf | word
    • Consumer Guarantees - pdfword 
    • False Billing - pdf | word
    • Gift Vouchers - pdf | word 
    • Internet Shopping - pdf | word 
    • Layby Agreements - pdf | word 
    • Misleading and Bait Advertising - pdf | word 
    • Misleading and Unconscionable Conduct - pdf | word
    • Price Scanning - pdf | word
    • Proof of Transactions and Itemised Bills - pdf | word 
    • Quotes and Estimates  - pdf | word
    • Refunds - pdf | word 
    • Refund Policy Sign - pdf
    • Repair Notices - pdf | word 
    • Small Business Checklist - pdf
    • Your Business and the Australian Consumer Law - pdf
    • Warranties - Guidelines for Traders - pdf | word